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Defence Battery Centre is the authorized dealer of the renownedcompany Atlas Battery Limited and has been successfully running for the past 9 years, raising the standard of customer service and swift battery replacement services, fulfilling a wide range of fields including automotive, commercial equipment, forklifts, solar, generators, industrial machines and AC/DC applications.

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Why Choose Defence Battery and Content

Fresh Stock

DBC is the Authorized Dealer of AGS that gives us the competitive advantage of providing fresh stock all year round.

Best pricing

DBC is one of the leading dealers in the wholesale market due to our competitive pricing strategy.

Home Service

Providing Delivery/Installation and Battery Checkup Services all Over Karachi.

“A” Quality Electrolyte

– We use only company provided A Quality electrolyte which is odorless and made with 100% distilled water. Making it clear of any impurities that clogs battery plates. Quality electrolyte enhances battery life up to 35%.

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